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These are exciting times in mobility: electrification, Industry 5.0, autonomous driving, connectivity - join us! For our journey into an electrified future, we are looking for people with a wide range of experience. From apprenticeships at Ford to senior management positions - find out how you can help us shape a successful and sustainable future.

Open positions


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    You can find open positions for apprenticeships or dual studies at

    Career guidance is just as important to us as good vocational training and thus deciding on the right profession.

    Starting in the 8th grade, students can take part in a wide range of orientation programs, e.g., career exploration days, or complete a school internship lasting several weeks at various locations.

    For school leavers, we offer numerous apprenticeships, mostly in technical or industrial fields. In addition, there are currently four dual courses of study to choose from, which ideally combine theory and practice.


    Career orientation

    Career exploration days, technology taster days, information events on the dual courses of study, visit our training center/plant, open days ... our offerings are diverse and designed for students in 8th grade and above. You can find out exactly what takes place when in our calendar of events.


    School internships

    You are a student and have no idea what you want to do when you grow up? Then get a clear idea with an internship for high school students! We offer you internships in our production areas, in our vocational trainings center or in our product development!

    More information about the internship and application process for Cologne or Saarlouis



    Our apprenticeship is characterized by a high degree of practical orientation and proximity to the company. We place particular emphasis on teamwork and good cooperation.

    More information about the apprenticeships and the application process for Cologne or Saarlouis.


    Apprenticeship + study= do2

    You haven't decided yet whether you'd rather start an apprenticeship or a course of study? Why do not both! You can opt for a technical apprenticeship as an electronics technician in conjunction with a degree in electrical engineering, or you can choose an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic in conjunction with a degree in mechanical engineering or sustainable engineering. An apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development can be combined with a degree in business informatics.

    Are you more interested in the commercial sector? Then we offer an apprenticeship as industrial clerk in combination with the study course Business Administration.

    More information about do2 on the application procedure for Cologne or Saarlouis


    Women in Technical Professions

    Promoting young women in technical professions is a particular concern of ours. For many years, we have been involved in a wide variety of initiatives. Our "Women in Technical Professions" project has been running since 1999. It is aimed at girls from the 7th to the 13th grade and enables them to get to know technical professions through vacation internships and the exchange of experiences with female engineers and the exploration of work areas... Of course, we are also involved in "Girl's Day", the largest career orientation project in Germany for schoolgirls from the 5th grade onwards. You can find more information about this on the pages of Ford Aus- und Weiterbildung e.V.


    Would you like to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice during your studies and get to know potential fields of work for the future? Or write your thesis on a specific practical issue? Great – we really appreciate it!

    Complete your internship or write your thesis at one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers! You will work independently on current projects, gain valuable practical experience, and ideally prepare yourself for a later career entry. You will get to know the work in global teams and can exchange and network with experienced colleagues and other students in the company.

    During your assignment, you will have competent supervisors by your side, with whom you will coordinate individually what kind of information and support you need.


    Henry Ford Scholarship

    As part of the RWTH Education Fund, the Henry Ford Scholarship supports students from a wide range of technical and commercial fields. In addition to financial support, we offer scholarship recipients a diverse program of training, excursions, shadowing, support from personal mentors, and the opportunity to complete internships and theses. For more information and to apply, please click here.


    Henry Ford Study Award

    Since 1979, we have been promoting and honouring outstanding academic achievement in engineering with the Henry Ford Study Award. Each year, we honour the best bachelor’s degree graduates in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. In addition to a cash prize, the award winners also receive the opportunity for an internship in our company.


    Time frame

    Three to six months, considering the requirements of the internship guidelines or the examination regulations of your university. The specific time schedule will be agreed on a case-by-case basis. 



    Please apply online about three months before the respective starting date with complete application documents to one of our job postings. Especially in the case of final thesis, we need sufficient lead time to coordinate all details with you and the university.

    Your complete application documents include:

    • Cover letter
    • Curriculum vitae
    • High school diploma
    • Current transcript of grades from the university
    • Certificate of enrolment, internship guidelines or examination regulations of the university
    • If applicable, certificates of previous internships or courses of study already completed
    • Indication of the desired internship period


    Application and selection process

    As soon as we have received your application for one of our advertised internships or theses, we will check how your profile matches the requirements of the internship or thesis.

    If your application has aroused the interest of the department, you will be invited to an interview, which will be conducted either in person or by telephone. If this is successful, you can look forward to an interesting and productive time in our company.

    These are the requirements for an internship or thesis at Ford:

    • Good performance in your studies
    • Good high school diploma
    • Good to very good knowledge of German and English
    • Ability to work in a team and independently
    • Three to six months’ time

    As a global company, we develop, build, and sell cars all over the world. If you are interested in an internship at Ford outside of Germany, you will find links to the national career pages with important information for your country-specific application at:


    Questions and answers

    How can I apply for an internship/ thesis?

    Please apply online for advertised internships/ theses. You will find the link to our application management system in the respective job advertisement.

    Can I also send my application by mail or email?

    No, please understand that for administrative reasons we can only accept applications online.

    Are internships and theses at Ford remunerated?

    Depending on the progress of your studies, you will receive between 300 euros and 1.100 euros gross per month. If your regular place of residence is more than 100 km away from our company location, you will also receive a housing allowance of 300 euros gross per month.

    How many months should I allow for an internship/thesis?

    We offer our internships and theses with a duration of three to six months.

    When should I apply?

    Please apply about three to four months before the desired start date of your internship/ thesis. At an earlier point in time, we are often unable to give you concrete feedback and would have to ask you to resubmit your application later.

    Can I also submit a speculative application?

    If there is currently no suitable position for you, you have the option of creating a candidate profile. In this way, you will receive an e-mail notification when a suitable position becomes available.

    Create candidate profile



    You want to join us and get started right away?

    Our “Direct Entry PLUS” offers you an ideal opportunity to do so! If you enjoy working in teams, find it important to be able to make an immediate contribution to the company's success, value a relaxed, cooperative atmosphere, a pronounced feedback culture, and an international context, you will find the right entry-level opportunities with us! And, of course, you can also build a long-term perspective: we offer you a wide range of training and development opportunities.


    Your direct entry plus

    In addition to on-the-job training, you can also look forward to a program of events and training sessions "off-the-job" to welcome you to our company and help you settle in.



    Shortly after your first day at work, you will take part in an interdisciplinary introductory program to get to know our organization and the main departments and receive training on fundamental topics. In many departments, you can expect further subject-related induction events, some of which take place across national borders and enable you to make international contacts in your first few weeks. You will meet other graduates and can build up a network to share your experiences.



    Supported by experienced colleagues, you will familiarize yourself with the processes and tasks of your department. Once the familiarization phase is over, you will take over your first tasks and projects.  If your performance and motivation are high, we will offer you a first job change after a period of 18-24 months. In this way, you will gain a wide range of professional experience and continue to develop yourself and your network.


    Questions and answers

    Can I also send my application by mail or email?

    For administrative reasons, we can only accept applications received through our online system.

    What is the starting salary as a university graduate?

    Remuneration is based on the collective wage agreement and remuneration framework agreement of the metal & electrical industry in North Rhine-Westphalia. The remuneration is in line with the market.

    When should I apply?

    Please apply three to six months before the desired starting date.

    Are there predefined starting dates?

    No, there are no predefined starting dates. Your start date will be agreed individually.

    Can I apply for several positions at the same time?

    Yes, multiple applications are possible. In this case, we will check which position fits best.

    Are there any periods spent abroad in the first few years after starting my career?

    No foreign assignments are planned in the first few years because our employees should first get to know the local company and their own areas of activity before an assignment abroad offers mutual benefits. As your development progresses, foreign assignments are possible and welcome. However, due to our global corporate structure, you will work in international teams from day one.

    Can I submit a speculative application?

    If there is currently no suitable position, you have the option of creating a candidate profile. This way, you will receive a notification by e-mail when a suitable position becomes available.

    Create candidate profile



    Application receipt

    Once we receive your application for one of our job postings, our Talent Acquisition Team review your application against general and job-specific criteria. They carefully compare how your profile matches the requirements of the position.


    Telephone interview

    The telephone interview is the first step in the screening process and includes questions about your qualifications, soft skills, and department-specific questions. The interview lasts about 30 minutes.


    Assessment Center / Interview

    The final step in our screening process is the assessment center or interview, which is conducted by managers from the hiring department. An opportunity for both sides to find out if they are a good match!


    Questions and Answers

    How can I apply for a job at Ford?

    Please apply online to one of our job postings. The "Apply now" button in the job advertisement will take you to our application management system.

    Can I also send my application by mail or email?

    For administrative reasons, we can only accept applications that are received via our online system.

    What do I earn?

    Remuneration is based on the collective wage agreement and remuneration framework agreement of the metal & electrical industry in North Rhine-Westphalia. Remuneration is in line with the market.

    Are there predefined starting dates?

    No, there are no predefined starting dates. Your start date will be agreed individually.

    Can I apply for several positions at the same time?

    Yes, multiple applications are possible. In this case, we will check which position fits best. But even if you only apply for one position, we will contact you if your application is also of interest for another vacancy.

    Are there any foreign assignments in the first few years after starting my career?

    No foreign assignments are planned in the first few years because our employees should first get to know the local company and their own fields of activity before an assignment abroad offers mutual benefits. As your development progresses, foreign assignments are possible and welcome. However, due to our global corporate structure, you will be working in international teams from day one. In many jobs, business trips offer additional opportunities to get to know our locations abroad.

    Can I also submit a speculative application?

    If there is currently no suitable position, you can create a candidate profile. This way, you will receive an e-mail notification when a suitable position becomes available.

    Create candidate profile



At Ford, you have endless opportunities to develop your potential. It's our goal to nurture talent, and we'll provide you with the support you need to develop your career.


We have vacancies in areas such as research, product development, design, production and marketing & sales. We need people to support us in all these activities and their implementation. In a global company like Ford, you will find a range of opportunities to advance your career.

Ford worker holding an engine model
Group of Ford workers collaborating


No matter at what point in your career you join us, you'll have the opportunity to build your skills and develop yourself: from dual vocational training to professional development programs. We'll also help you define and plan career goals and provide regular feedback and development meetings.


Qualified and motivated employees are the backbone of every company - also at Ford! That's why the personal and professional development of our workforce is a key concern for us.

Regardless of whether you are aiming for a specialist or management career, or want to develop cross-functionally: We will support you with advice and suitable training opportunities.

Together with your supervisor, you will regularly define an individual training and development plan. A wide range of training opportunities is available to you. You will receive further support from the personnel development committee, which will look after your long-term career development and provide you with contact persons to whom you can turn at any time.

As a globally operating company, we offer you a wide range of development opportunities. Changing jobs within your own company or to another is part of our corporate culture.

Your advantages as an employee

In addition to attractive earnings and career opportunities, Ford has many other benefits to offer you:

Work-life balance

Flexible part-time models offer you individual solutions for balancing your professional and private life. Mobile working enables to solve short-term private time bottlenecks easily and uncomplicatedly. Would you like to take some time off? With a sabbatical, you can temporarily take a break from your everyday working life for a period of six months to four years. Through special regulations on working hours, full-time employees covered by collective bargaining agreements save up for 12-15 additional days off (free shifts) per year in addition to the 30 days of vacation.

If you feel like doing sports or pursuing another hobby after work: Our fitness studio as well as the Ford leisure organization with over 30 affiliated clubs have numerous offers ready for you.

Social benefits

In addition to a company pension plan and the free benefits of our in-house health service, you can obtain financial products and insurance at particularly favourable conditions through Ford Versicherungs-Vermittlungs GmbH.


As an employee, you and your immediate family will benefit from substantial discounts on new Ford cars. You can also take advantage of numerous discounts on events, travel, branded goods and stores. If you relocate for your career start at Ford, we will cover your relocation costs under certain conditions and provide you with a competent service partner.

  • Katrin Ebert

    I joined Ford-Werke in September 2013 as a university graduate in the HR department. After completing my master's degree in business administration, I was faced with the challenge of "starting a career". My decision was quickly clear: I already knew exactly what area I wanted to work in and arguments such as quickly taking on responsibility, a permanent employment contract and a comparatively high starting salary spoke in favor of direct entry. And since I had already heard through friends that Ford was a great employer, I applied immediately when they were looking for university graduates without work experience for a direct entry position. With success! And my expectations were met. The induction was on-the-job and my own area of responsibility was waiting for me right at the start. For example, I was able to accompany the introduction of an exciting project and soon after was given my own customer area, which I managed independently. I was also able to take advantage of numerous training and development opportunities, which made it easier for me to start my job. Despite the comparatively high level of responsibility, I never felt left alone or overwhelmed, even as a newcomer. In the meantime, I have a wide network of helpful colleagues at my disposal whom I can approach at any time and who are always there to help and advise me. The fact that a relatively large number of graduates are employed is also a great advantage: the cohesion among us "Gradis" is very great, there are regulars' tables, and you make friends right away - even if you're new to the city.

  • Betty Cherian-Oddo

    I started training as an industrial mechanic specializing in production engineering at Ford in 1999. After completing my apprenticeship, I worked for about a year in production assembling fenders on our Fiestas. After that, I left the company to study mechanical engineering full-time at the RWTH Aachen. In 2007, I returned to the company as a graduate engineer - back to the roots!

    Since my return, I am already on my fifth position in Manufacturing. In doing so, I have taken on very different tasks for various European plants and vehicle models: Project Management, Plant Design, Layout Design ....

    In 2012, I got the opportunity to start as a deputy shift manager in our Ford Fiesta final assembly in Cologne. After two and a half years, I became shift manager and have been part of the management team ever since. Today, as "Team Manager Production Process", I am the direct supervisor of 15 foremen over three shifts and responsible for safety, quality, volume/quantity, processes and primarily for around 500 indirect employees. Every day is different and holds new challenges related to our product and/or my team's concerns!

    Looking back, I am thrilled with the confidence Ford and my supervisors have in my abilities. The development opportunities seem limitless to me, which motivates me immensely for my daily work and lets me look forward to an exciting future!

  • Alexander Mück

    I was already very interested in working in an international environment during my studies and therefore completed two semesters abroad. I find the different ways of working due to cultural differences in particular very exciting. At Ford, I have had the chance to work with colleagues from America, Asia and the rest of the world since my first day at work, which I still enjoy very much today!

  • Jörg Beyer

    After studying mechanical engineering, I started at Ford in 1991 as an engineer in the Powertrain NVH Matching department. Less than four years later, I was offered my first international assignment as department head NVH in Dearborn. Later highlights of my career were the responsibility as Chief Engineer of the global Mondeo program, Head of Pre-Production Vehicles and Innovations and then Chief Engineer Ford Fiesta based in Dunton/UK. Later, my family and I moved to the U.S. headquarters in Detroit, where I was Vehicle Line Director with global responsibility for various vehicle segments. In the meantime, I have been appointed Managing Director "Product Development" for Ford-Werke GmbH in Cologne.

    In addition to the many eventful and worldwide business trips, especially the stays abroad were always a very stimulating and exciting time for my family and me. The aim is to reconcile the professional demands in a foreign environment at the same time as the private circumstances, such as the children's change of school, possible language barriers or cultural differences, in as short a time as possible and to learn from the new perspectives. The balance after three stays abroad is consistently positive: We have all experienced a great deal, both as a family and as individuals, and have benefited from the experience. Of course, the employer plays a key role here. The internationality and global networking of the company made these career steps possible for me in the first place.

    But even now as Managing Director, I work every day with a wide variety of dedicated employees who are spread all over the globe and who make up the Ford company. It is precisely this spectrum of facets that challenges and promotes the further development of my person. I therefore find my professional life immensely exciting and varied and look forward to being part of the "Ford family" for a long time to come.

  • Uwe Pampel-Sokolowski

    I have been working in product development at Ford since 1997. Currently, I am responsible for the "perceived design quality" of the car body interior in one of the earlier development phases.

    I have two children and for me the topic "compatibility of family and career” therefore plays an important role.

    Like many other fathers, I took parental leave after the birth of our first child - the "classic" version with two months off from work. After the birth of our second child, I opted for the "part-time parental leave" model, because that was simply the best fit for us as a family. I am very happy that this was so easy to realize at Ford. But even now that my parental leave is a little behind me, I really appreciate the fact that I can be there for my family in many places thanks to mobile working and flexible working hours, without my job taking a back seat.

  • Claudia Saegert

    I studied International Business Administration at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and spent a semester abroad at a partner university in China. Therefore, it was already clear to me during my studies that I wanted to work internationally. I chose Ford as my employer because I was sure that in this large and international company, I would have more opportunities to try things out, learn and develop. I have now been working in the purchasing organization for around six years.

    Initially, I purchased elastomers for the European production sites and had purchasing and availability responsibility for "my" production parts from day one. After two and a half years, I switched to program purchasing - project management within purchasing. I learned a lot about cross-departmental project work and supported the earliest purchasing tasks on the new Ford Fiesta.

    In 2015, I became aware of a global development program that aims to develop a team of leaders over the long term. Last August, I was accepted into the program. Among other things, I am going through a job rotation across three positions, primarily outside of purchasing, which include an overseas assignment. Throughout the duration of the program, I am accompanied and advised by a mentor (manager) from Purchasing.

    I am currently in a position in finance. Here I am not only deepening my specialist knowledge and understanding of internal relationships, but also developing a new perspective on the purchasing organization. In addition, the program promotes cross-functional exchange. I am looking forward to this opportunity and to the challenges that lie ahead.

    I value Ford as an employer, especially because employees are given this opportunity for development.

  • Sebastian Stauff

    A career at Ford? For sure! I'm currently working as a development engineer in the Safety Electronics and Driver Assistance Systems division, integrating radar and camera sensors into our vehicles. As part of a global development team, I help develop innovative systems, such as the lane departure warning system, which provides greater safety and comfort for our customers.

    My career at Ford began in 2002 with a dual study program. In five exciting years, during which I was able to get to know the many different areas of Ford Europe, I completed an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic specializing in production technology, as well as a degree in mechanical engineering / mechatronics.

    The ink on my diploma was not yet dry when I was already managing my own first projects as a development engineer for airbag control units. Thanks to my previously completed internship semester in this specialist department, technology and colleagues were already familiar and the permanent position as a development engineer was the dream job.

    Product development is definitely a team sport. Globally networked teams allow me to contribute my ideas and promote the technical exchange necessary to develop global products.

    Today, Ford offers me the opportunity to work on future technologies and thus directly shape the future of the automobile. All with the aim of ensuring that our customers reach their destination safely and relaxed.

  • Kristina Heeg

    I studied business administration at the University of Cologne. After completing my studies, I found my career start at Ford in product development in the Program Management department. A year and a half have passed since then. I have learned a lot in the course of very exciting projects and, above all, I have met many nice colleagues.

    My job in Program Management involves being in contact with many people from different functions, bringing the entire team together, keeping track of the current project status and reporting this to management. Collaboration plays a very important role in this. Only as a team are we able to successfully reach individual milestones in a project. So far, I have only met helpful people at Ford who are always willing to work towards a common goal.

    At the beginning, I found it difficult to understand the countless internal processes and shortcuts. But the friendly and open atmosphere, in which I was signaled that it was desirable to ask questions, made me feel comfortable right from the start. This pleasant working atmosphere made it possible for me to build up a large network in a relatively short time and to develop personally. For my future, I see great opportunities to qualify for new tasks. In my opinion, those who make a special effort and show that they want to take on more responsibility will also be promoted and can take on more responsibility in their own area or in other areas through a change of function.

  • Tu Ngan Trinh

    I work at Ford as an IT business analyst and was initially surprised at how much value is placed on work-life balance. While overtime is rather undesirable, home office and flexible vacation planning are made possible. I appreciate this balance and the many leisure activities, such as sports courses, that the Ford leisure organization offers employees!

  • Stephanie Rosenberg

    I did the dual study program at Ford, specializing in electrical engineering. Now I'm a Bachelor of Engineering and have been with Ford for 10 years.

    I work in product development at Ford. I am a project manager in driver assistance system development. My daily work mainly involves project management and the development of software components. Test drives are also part of it, of course. I particularly like the fact that we work on innovative technologies in our team and are very close to the customer: Every day I see cars with my system on board, which helps drivers in many situations.

    I am very happy to be employed by Ford. I have a secure job and am perceived as a person, as a personality. I also particularly like Ford's social commitment. I still remember very well a work education seminar during my training: There we built a garden house for a kindergarten in the region. I found the teamwork and the non-technical material very interesting. What impressed me most were the children's beaming eyes when they were allowed to put their sand molds, balls and bicycles in the garden house.

    There are also other social projects for which every employee can be released from work by the hour. For example, volunteers are always needed to support dance classes for dementia patients, renovation of daycare centers, blood donation and much more.

    I can identify very well with this high level of social commitment, and I am proud to be a part of this community.

  • Efe Icten

    I found my way to Ford during my studies when I was given the opportunity to write my final thesis here. As part of this work, I dealt with the topic of diversity management and, while searching for companies that attach great relevance to this topic, I became aware of Ford. As a pioneer of diversity management in Germany, Ford offers a working environment in which every individual - regardless of origin, religion, gender, age, sexual identity, or any disability - can contribute to Ford's success. It is noteworthy that Diversity is primarily driven by the employees themselves. New ideas are developed in the various employee networks, which in turn are implemented in a variety of measures and activities. All of this promotes a culture of appreciation for diversity and difference.

    In my role as HR Business Partner, I benefit from this diversity on a daily basis, as working with people from different origins, cultures and backgrounds constantly opens up new perspectives.

    At the same time, this colorful environment, which is made up of people from more than 55 nations, gives me the opportunity to apply and further develop my intercultural skills. So, if in addition to an exciting and varied job, you also attach great importance to a positive working environment characterized by diversity and appreciation, Ford is the right place for you.

  • Sandra Rose

    I started at Ford-Werke GmbH in 2012 after completing my Master of Business Administration with a focus on controlling, taxes, and auditing. I first joined the finance department in product development and recently moved to the engine plant Controllers Office.

    What I particularly like about Ford is the many development opportunities. It's common to get the opportunity to change positions every two to three years. The time span of up to three years is optimal to completely go through and understand a job and all the connections and processes. And once you've done that, you get the chance to build on it and move into a completely different area. As a result, it never gets boring, and you can constantly develop and expand your skills and knowledge.

    This concept is carried out at all levels - including management. This gives you a very good overall view of all the departments within the division and helps you understand how they correlate with each other, which makes it easier to work together.

    The fact that we are integrated into the operational areas, especially in Finance, means that we are very close to the action and don't work "in an ivory tower". Rather, teamwork is the order of the day, and with all other areas, from Development to Purchasing and Production to Marketing & Sales. This constant view "outside the box" brings diversity to my everyday work and allows me to learn something new again and again.

  • Roberto Oddo

    First the school internship to get a taste of what it was like, then training as an energy system electronics technician and then being taken on as a skilled worker in our Fiesta production in Cologne were my first steps about 18 years ago. Here I was able to gain a good insight into production processes and maintenance. From 2005 to 2009, I switched to the permanent night shift to train part-time as a technician in mechatronics. After successfully completing my training, I applied for a position as a Manufacturing Engineer in the Body-in-White Group Staff department: My main tasks included planning and commissioning production systems for body-in-white production at our European plants. Since then, I have been responsible for various vehicle programs in the different project and development phases. A new challenge for me was the global coordination with our colleagues in India, China, and the USA - via e-mail, video as well as audio conferences.

    In 2010, I started a part-time industrial engineering degree in production and management. During this time, I simultaneously supervised the project start-up of the Ford S-MAX and Ford Galaxy at the Ford plant in Valencia (Spain). The cooperation with my Spanish colleagues - combined with many business trips and an exciting time on site - was a completely new experience for me.

    What excites me about Ford and my job in particular is: the collaboration in internal and global teams, being able to experience projects from development to the finished vehicle and, of course, the personal development opportunities we have as Ford employees within the company.

  • Martin Fischer

    After graduating with a degree in industrial engineering, I decided to join Ford's Customer Service Division directly as a product planner. Collaboration is essential when planning and introducing new spare parts. Our department is in constant contact with colleagues from all over the world who have very different technical backgrounds. Together as a team, we work to ensure that every Ford built on Europe's roads is optimally supplied with spare parts. Because of the interface function, you quickly get to know how the individual divisions work together. The varied work is a challenge every day and inspires me.

  • Michel Dang

    I joined Ford in November 2015 directly after graduating with a master's degree in production engineering. I already had a good experience with Ford during my final thesis in my studies. Today, I work as an engineer in the body shop of the Cologne vehicle plant. This is where the body of the current and future Fiestas is built. The area in which I work is primarily concerned with the planning and implementation of automation solutions and plant maintenance. The constant changes in technology mean that my tasks are always changing and exciting.

    I especially appreciate the collegial cooperation and the internationality of the company. After only a short time, I had the opportunity to implement my own projects and quickly got into contact with colleagues as well as with our suppliers all over the world. The responsibility that one is given as a young engineer is great, but thanks to the help and advice of colleagues, I was able to quickly familiarize myself with the topics and tasks.

    I like the way Ford supported me as a newcomer in finding contacts within the Group and building up a network. Through various events organized by Ford, I also got to know different areas with which I tend to work less directly. In addition, I had the opportunity to get to know colleagues who had also just started at Ford.

  • Fritz Meßler

    After completing my master's degree in business administration, I was able to gain initial experience in an internationally active management consultancy. When I received the offer from Ford, I decided to go straight for it because I already knew the company and many of my colleagues from my internship. Ford offers exciting fields of activity and interesting perspectives. It is a company that not only formulates its corporate culture, but also lives it. After all, a good working atmosphere and collegial, respectful interaction are just as important to me as career opportunities.

    I was able to gain my first experience at Ford in the "European Dealer Operations" department, where I was able to get to know the dealer structures of the individual countries. Currently, I am working on the launch of our new FordPass app together with a European team - "Advanced Consumer Experience Marketing". My tasks are on the one hand very strategically oriented, on the other hand I am responsible for coordinating the roll-out of the app on the German market. I can express my personal strengths in teamwork, while at the same time learning from colleagues in dialog. I'm looking forward to the diverse challenges that lie ahead of me in my career in such a varied company, and I'm excited about the future.

  • Paul Jamnicki

    I joined Ford in December 2015 in the Body Interior department. Shortly before that, I had completed two master's degrees, one at RWTH Aachen University and the second at Tsinghua University in Beijing. During my studies, I had found my fun in working with people from all over the world on technical challenges through numerous international projects and stays abroad.

    And that's what I'm doing now as a development engineer at Ford. In my department for air conditioning systems alone, people from over ten countries work together. Here, in Product Development, I work with suppliers to develop air conditioning systems for future Ford models. I also have the opportunity to let off steam technically in exciting side projects. There, I'm supported by experts in implementing my own ideas.

    For my future, all doors are open at a global company like Ford with its diversity and innovation. I want to play an active role in shaping the automotive industry, and here I have every opportunity to do so.

  • Maria Eduarda Waisman

    I studied electrical engineering with a specialization in electronics. I did my Bachelor's degree at the University of Sao Paulo and my Master's degree at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

    After finishing my studies, I successfully applied to Ford as a graduate in EESE (Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering). The position was ideal because it gave me the opportunity to work with electronic applications, and moreover in an international context and with products of great relevance to everyday life: cars.

    The department gave me a lot of time at the beginning to figure out what topics I wanted to work on. The topic of hardware-in-the-loop seemed extremely attractive because of the technical challenge and the variety of systems. You can learn in depth about how the systems work. I have been working here for about a year now and have had a very good experience. I am part of the team and work as an application engineer on active and functional safety.

    What I like most about Ford is the variety of development opportunities. You can develop in the technical area as well as get involved in project management. In my field, there are many interesting projects involving new driver assistance systems such as sign recognition, brake assistance, intelligent cruise control or lighting functions, which require both - project management and technical know-how. The knowledge required for a new job is imparted in training courses or simply "on-the-job" by experienced colleagues.

  • Christian Lucas

    Seven years ago, I started at Ford in project controlling for the Ford B-MAX. Later, I moved to the global Fiesta program. After that, I managed investment projects for the various plants in Europe. Now I work in Brand Finance, where I create sales forecasts for future vehicle models.

    In my tasks, I have met many interesting people and am always part of a motivated, young and international team. The goal-oriented but also relaxed way of dealing with each other and the exciting tasks make me enjoy going to work every morning.

Ford Mitarbeiter in seiner Freizeit bei einem Projekt mit Kindern


In addition to financial support for community projects, we offer our employees the opportunity to be released from their regular duties for up to 16 working hours per year to support community projects in the areas of environmental protection and nature conservation, education and science, health and social services, art and culture, relief and rescue services, and sports and leisure.

Different backgrounds, opinions and life experiences are just some of the differences we all bring to the workplace. Ford established an equal opportunity policy more than 30 years ago. And today, we continue to stand for more diversity in the company and in the communities where we operate. We know full well that this diversity of different perspectives and ideas makes our company ever stronger.


"Jede Jeck is anders" is what they say in the Rhineland, meaning that you should always treat other people with respect and appreciation. The diversity of our workforce and the appreciative treatment of differences is an important feature of our corporate culture. That is why we attach great importance to creating a working environment in which everyone can contribute to the company's success, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, religion and ideology, sexual identity or disability.

We are convinced that diversity is an important success factor.

It has been proven that the work of diverse teams leads to particularly good and sustainable results. One of the reasons for this is that living diversity greatly improves team cohesion and motivation. A workforce that is as colourful as society helps us to realize customer wishes in the development, production, and marketing of our products. We can use our diversity expertise to respond innovatively to the increasingly rapid changes in society and the economy.

For us, diversity also means addressing the concerns of individual target groups and ensuring that they are considered.

In our so-called Employee Resource Groups, we promote the exchange and engagement of our employees on a wide range of issues.

To highlight the importance of diversity not only internally but also externally, we have signed the "Diversity Charter". This is a corporate initiative supported by the German government with the aim of creating a working environment that is free of prejudice.

Diverse Ford Mitarbeiter im Meeting
Ford Mitarbeiter mit einem Motormodell


If employability is endangered by illness or as a result of an accident, everything must be done in good time to restore or stabilize it. As early as 2003, Ford introduced "Disability Management" in the company for this purpose - an efficient, holistic, and sustainable concept for the early recognition and prevention of disability, exclusion and disadvantage of people with a change in performance.

Interdisciplinary teams consisting of company supervisors as well as representatives of the works council, human resources, the department for the severely disabled, health services and disability management look after employees with medical problems and physical or mental performance transformation. Together, individual solutions that create value for Ford are developed that not only maintain the performance and working ability of those affected, but also increase their job satisfaction and thus contribute to greater personal well-being and quality of life.


"We see no conflict between striving for business success and social and environmental commitment. For me, the difference between a good company and an outstanding one is this: A good company provides excellent products and services - an outstanding one provides excellent products and services while striving to create a better world."  (Bill Ford)

Ford Mitarbeiter untersützen bei einem sozialen Gartenprojekt